Women’s Imaging: International Day of Radiology

Today is the 5th annual International Day of Radiology, purposed to increase overall awareness of current topics in radiology and the value of radiology research. Each year, a specific area of radiology is highlighted; this year, the area is breast imaging. Activities are happening across the globe to raise awareness of the importance of breast imaging. For example, in Algeria a public run has been arranged in order to raise awareness for breast cancer screenings, in Croatia, lectures are being made available for women to be educated on the basics of breast screenings, and the list continues. International Day of Radiology truly is a global celebration, which is educating people on pertinent topics in radiology. 
Here at NRAD, we believe that providing the highest quality read for all modalities is a must. Our women’s imaging specialist is Dr. Stewart Bakst, a board certified radiologist with 20 years of experience. He manages the NRAD team of fellowship-trained women’s imaging radiologists. Dr. Bakst is MQSA certified and qualified in Breast MRI, Digital Mammography, Breast Tomosynthesis, and Ultrasound while proficient in interpreting all modalities.