NRAD completes Stat Reports in less than an hour (30 minutes or less for Hospitals and ERs) and Routine Reports in less than 24 hours once we have all the required images and documentation from the customer.

No, our customers can use NRAD’s PACS system instead of incurring the cost and hassle of purchasing and maintaining their own. For our PACS solution, we have partnered with eRAD, a robust, state-of-the-art, cloud-based system compatible with any mobile device, operating system, and internet speed. 

The most preferred method for connectivity is to establish a VPN. If this cannot be done, we will work with the customer to identify an alternative solution that best meets their capabilities and needs.

NRAD’s PACS system can interface with a client’s existing EHR/RIS to deliver the report directly over HL7. Another option would be to receive the report via automatic fax or email as soon as the report is completed. We also have a portal where clients can access and download / print reports from their secure study list.

We have a designated toll-free number for referring physicians to communicate with our radiologists and cardiologist who has read a particular study. That number is 1-855-672-3888 extension 5. Referring physicians can also email with their callback number, and our Customer Service Team will connect our radiologist with the physician.

We have flexible coverage options. Our radiologists alert our customer service team when they identify a positive finding. We communicate this to the customer in whatever method the customer prefers (email, phone call, text, etc.).

Yes, we have flexible coverage options to handle stats for our customers, as we know the patient care is not a Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 job.

NRAD offers many on-site services, including contrast coverage, breast biopsies, pain management, medical directorship, and supervision of radiology technicians for positioning and technique. In addition, we provide infrastructure management and data storage solutions, MQSA reporting, and compliance management.