6 Must-Ask Questions for a Potential Teleradiology Provider


Teleradiology service providers are not hard to find. With a simple Google search, hundreds of providers are instantly at your fingertips. Determining which teleradiology company is the best fit for your facility, however, can prove to be a challenge. Asking the right questions is one of the best ways to get the information you need, so that you can narrow down your list and make the right choice.

Here are 6 questions to ask each teleradiology company you are considering:


1. Will you send me a Free Quote?

Prices aren't always the most important piece when choosing a teleradiology company, but often, this is the first question on your mind. Getting this question answered first will help clear space in your mind to hear about other pertinent company details, without the mystery of pricing becoming a distraction.

Even if the website does not explicitly advertise it, ask for a free quote.


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2. What are your Modality and Volume Capabilities?

In thinking about a long-term partnership, consider your current needs as well as the goals and future plans for your facility. If you are anticipating growth or adding a new modality, make sure the teleradiology company will be able to accommodate the change.


3. Are your Radiologists Fellowship/Subspecialty Trained?

When you select a teleradiology company, their radiologists become YOUR radiologists. When you're marketing to referral sources, being confident in the team of radiologists interpreting your patients' images is essential.

Make sure you have detailed information about the education, training, state licensure, and certifications of each radiologist that will be reading for your facility.


4. What is your Guaranteed Turn-Around-Time and Customer Service/IT Hours?

Depending on the nature of your facility, you will have unique turn-around-time and customer service needs. Make sure that potential teleradiology companies will have staff available when you need them, to avoid a decrease in the speed of patient care.


5. What is your Customer Retention Rate?

Being aware of the percentage of clients that a teleradiology company has been able to successfully retain will open up a helpful conversation. A percentage less than 100% is not necessarily bad, however, gaining an understanding of why certain clients didn't work out can help to prevent the same issues from occurring in a potential partnership with your facility.

A business relationship that opens with transparency is more likely to yield a quality and trustworthy partnership. It's up to you to ask the right questions and up to them to answer honestly.


6. What differentiates your Teleradiology Company from the others?

When all the essential boxes are checked, you may narrow your list down to a few teleradiology providers. Asking each company to share what they believe makes them the best choice for you, will give you an idea of their strengths and help you make a final decision.


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