Beyond the Ordinary: The Unique Qualities that Set NRAD Solutions Apart

Beyond the Ordinary: The Unique Qualities that Set NRAD Solutions Apart


At NRAD Solutions, we pride ourselves on being different from the rest. Our vision is teleradiology with a meaningful, personal touch and industry-changing customer interaction. To accomplish this, we've invested over the years in our business to provide exceptional service to our customers. What qualities make us different than our competitors, and what traits do our customers value? Join us as we explore what sets us apart and discover how we've earned our reputation for excellence in the industry.


The Customer Service Difference

Much of our industry is driven by technology and less-than-personal interactions. We understand the frustration of needing to talk to someone within a company and getting stuck in chat portals and automated calls. At NRAD, a highly-trained associate will always be on the other side of the phone to quickly greet you and help you with the clinical support you need. That's where we strive to be different, and we've invested in the depth of staff to accomplish clinical, customer, and customers’-customer support excellence.


Physician Supply Ahead of Volume

We know our customers prioritize meeting turnaround times and quality reporting. Our solution is to keep our radiologists and staff members just slightly ahead of the volumes sent to us by our customer base. This is how we can provide the highest service levels. Over the past two years, we've decided to invest in hiring radiologists. We will continue to hire with the expectation that we will continue to grow. We will continue to hire and keep that gap between resources and imaging volume ensuring customer retention and providing our services to new customers.


Long-Lasting Relationships

At NRAD, we have a significantly low turnover. Whether we're talking about physicians or associates, we have high retention. We prioritize work/life balance for our physicians and non-physician employees, positively impacting retention.


Our team has built relationships with our customers and helped source solutions for their service needs. When customers express a service need, they are very familiar with the NRAD associate in most situations, as many customers have been with us for several years. Some, from the beginning of 2013. The relationships and proven performance deepen with every interaction.

NRAD Solutions is not just another radiology and technology solutions company. Our commitment to changing the industry through positive customer interactions has led to success. We are preparing for much more growth in the upcoming years and credit our investments in innovative workflow, a servant-hearted leadership philosophy, and competitiveness.