Why should you be a Radiologist at NRAD?

Why should you be a Radiologist at NRAD?


As a radiologist, your expertise is a vital part of the medical industry. At NRAD, we don’t take that fact lightly, and have created a unique work environment in which we have maintained a near 0% turnover rate over the previous 5 years among our radiologists. Here are a few reasons why:

Onsite and Remote Opportunities:

NRAD is hybrid teleradiology company, providing remote reading as well as on-site physicians to clients with unique needs. Working with us, you have the opportunity to work from your home, office, or on-site in an outpatient facility. 

Administrative work is done for you:

Whether you are on-site or remote, NRAD has a full clinical staff that takes care of the administrative work before you receive a study, so that your sole focus is reading. When the study reaches your board, a staff member has already set up some elements of the report, ensured all prior exams are available, and all that is left to do is interpret and submit. 

NRAD has clients from many states and, collectively, send every modality. To ensure each radiologist is only reading exams that are within his or her state licensure and specialty, we have a member of our operations team flag every study to each radiologist’s list. This way, each radiologist has a fair mix of modalities and does not have to spend his or her time choosing studies to read. When you sit down for your shift, your list will be ready with studies. 

In-house IT, Workstation, and Credentialing: 

Each NRAD radiologist is provided a workstation and has access to our in-house IT department 24/7/365. Additionally, our full-time credentialing specialist takes care of all credentialing needs. NRAD will pay up to a certain dollar amount each year for the credentialing costs of each radiologist. 

Insurance and Payment Options:

Our radiologists are given the choice to be W2 employees or 1099, with or without benefits. Medical malpractice and full tail coverage are paid for all radiologists. 

Testimonial from an NRAD Radiologist:

Dr. Acosta: "I think you have an invaluable system for Rads, to have support in providing results ASAP from all your staff is INVALUABLE.  I have never worked anywhere else where I have not had to spent hours trying to contact clinicians."


Now that you know a little bit about what working with us would look like, what questions do you have? Are you interested in becoming a part of the NRAD team?

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