The latest in breast reporting and MQSA management for improved workflow efficiencies and compliance.

Proper tracking and reporting of breast imaging in compliance with MQSA is a critical component of any organization offering women’s imaging services. In order to assist our clients with management of MQSAcompliance, we partner with several industry standard vendors to meet the needs of each client that we service. 

Our MQSA Tracking and Management tool saves time and ensures Compliance with FDA Regulations

All of our breast imaging reports are guaranteed to be 100% BI-RADS® language compliant with the latest Atlas 5th edition. Your referring physicians will appreciate the consistency and conciseness of our structured reports.

Your staff will appreciate the time savings as they will no longer need to manually track compliance and lay letters to patients can be generated automatically. MQSA data is reliably captured behind-the-scenes and the expanded, full enterprise mammography audit is provided to clients as a value-added service.