Advanced cloud-based technology for secure, expedient access to images and reports.

NRAD can manage all of your infrastructure and data storage needs as part of our leading edge cloud-based technology solutions. Instead of purchasing a costly PACS system, requiring frequent software updates, and servers to store large data files, our clients can use our state of the art PACS system and store sensitive data on our secure, HIPAA-compliant servers with full IT support. This saves our clients time and money while allowing them to focus on what they do best, providing high quality imaging for their patients.

Advanced Cloud-Based PACS Technology and Data Storage

We have partnered with Konica Minolta Medical Imaging to provide our clients with the latest in PACS technology. We currently utilize the new Exa PACS platform, designed with the purpose of providing the highest level of speed and workflow efficiency. Exa PACS will interface with any existing RIS or clients of NRAD are eligible to purchase the cutting edge Exa RIS from Konica Minolta at an affordable price.

Exa’s zero footprint viewer offers immediate viewing on any consumer grade PC with no downloads, plug-ins or installations necessary. DICOM data does not need to transmit to each workstation because it is all done at the server. PET, Mammo and large volume CT exams open immediately. There is no pre-fetching required and this results in fast access regardless of the internet connection. Server-side-rendering enables system speed regardless of the larger file sizes from newer acquisition modalities. Viewing is also accessible from any tablet or smartphone device.

In addition, NRAD can provide storage and management of large data files, including images and reports, for our clients. Sensitive medical data is protected and meets compliance requirements, including HIPAA. Also, there is no downtime and no need for our clients to purchase and maintain their own servers, storage, backups, and other depreciating assets. NRAD provides full IT support for this service so you can focus on your patients.